Archie & April 

Archie & April born in April 2018. They are the most loving funny gorgeous sheep you will ever meet. Their mum & dad is KK and Dave. There was complications with Archie as he stopped breathing but we managed to help him and KK done the rest. They did need help with feeding, so was bottle fed a little to help them gain weight. That is what makes them very friendly to humans. They are still babies and definitely still act like babies. They are very cheeky but absolutely adorable.

Lambs arrive after a five month gestation period which is about 147 days. 

Only 5 minuets old.

Few days old

Few weeks old

Few months old


This was the first time we had lambs. We was a bit scared but so excited. When the day arrived, it was the most beautiful experience we all had ever had and will never forget that day. 


Sheep have excellent memories for the faces of both other sheep and humans which they can remember for several years.

For the first several weeks of life lambs depend on their mothers as their primary food source. Since ewes often give birth to two or sometimes even three lambs, the smallest lamb often doesn't receive adequate nutrition. If that's the case or if the ewe dies or is otherwise unable to nurse her offspring, you must bottle feed the lamb.

At the one week mark lambs should have their tails docked. This isn't done for cosmetic purposes but to protect the lamb against fly strike or maggot infestation and for cleanliness.


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