Field Fare frozen products 

Field Fare is the Number 1 supplier of scoop-your-own frozen produce in the UK.

Customers simply serve themselves and scoop as much or as little as they like from our freezers.  All the taste, no food waste – just great tasting, freshly frozen food.

froxen 3.jpeg

Already just to put in the oven and watch it expand.


Cream and cheese potato Gratins from frozen to being baked. These are absolutely tasty and easy to put with any dish.

chicken white wine.png

Succulent chicken, white wine and asparagus encased in frozen puff pastry.

veggie burgers.jpg

Meat free and delicious, great served in a bun or with a salad or veg!

Low in fat and packed full of protein and fibre lentils have been found in the tombs of Ancient Egyptians.


All our products are frozen
from fresh so all the
goodness is locked in.


Our all-Butter Pain au Chocolat 

Crisp, flaky all-butter frozen pastry with a smooth dark chocolate centre.

frozen 1.jpg

The Apricot Danish

is a Light, all-butter flaky pastry filled with sweet apricots.

Here are all the products with all the ingredients, cooking instructions and prices. Just scroll through and click on the product to enlarge