RIP Our beautiful Queen KK 01/2015 - 09/2019


KK is our Queen sheep who was born in January 2015 along with her twin brother GG. They arrived at K&G's in 2016 and we are all so glad they came to us. She is so friendly but does like her own space. She gave birth to her twins and has been a perfect mum to them even though she nearly lost one. She is always with her lambs and GG,  you even see her tell her children off sometimes. She is very strict but a brilliant mum and sister.


KK- Here is our Queen being a great mum to her first born's.


KK is a half Welsh Mountain sheep. This breed is usually white, with a white face, with no wool on the forehead or cheeks and white legs with no wool below the joint. Females are polled but rams usually have curved horns, although some are polled. The fleece is thick and moderately long and the tails are not normally docked.