Pygmy Goats



We have 4 goats. 2 are pure pygmy goats and the other 2 are pygmy cross baggot.

As you are probably aware, goats can be very naughty. Ours live up to that reputation. Ours are very naughty but a cheeky funny naughty.


They all arrived to K&G's when they was only a year old in 2015. They have fitted in well and are part of our family.

Check out our pictures and read some facts about our breed of goats.


1. Step On The Scale.

We already know that the pygmy goat isn’t very tall, but it can get slightly chubby during its lifespan. The female goat can reach an average weight of 75 pounds during her lifetime. Meanwhile, the male will pack a few extra pounds, reaching up to 86 pounds!

2. Meet Doe And Buck.

A female pygmy goat is called a doe or nanny. A male pygmy goat is called a buck.



3. I Can Live Awhile. 

While they won’t actually outlive you, the pygmy goat can actually live as long as ten years old on average. But don’t be surprised if one stubborn pygmy goat makes it all the way up until 15 years old either. 

4. Smart, Little Goat. 

If you love being able to train your pet to do tricks or to have a good etiquette around the homestead, then you are in luck with the pygmy goat. They can be trained just like any other pets if you have the right training skills.




5. Treat Me How You Want To Be Treated.

That’s right! Just like a human being and slightly different than the loyal pooch, the pygmy goat is very affectionate and loving for as long as you treat them with love and affection.



6. All Climates, All Season. 

A pygmy goat can adapt to all types of climates and handle very well in any season. This makes this goat breed very handy and versatile.


7. Athletic. 

You may be surprised because of their last name being is “Goat.” But pygmy goats can leap, and they are very playful pets. If you feel bored, you can even be jumping with them in your backyard. They are very capable leapers, so make sure you take that into consideration before purchasing one.

8. They Love Sheep. 

A pygmy goat sure does love the company of sheep. They also love the affection and touch from human contact. So if you get one, make sure you shower that cutesy animal with plenty of affection, and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a friend such as a sheep.