K&G's Pet Shop

K&G's pet shop was added to the farm shop in 2016. The pet shop has expanded recently and now has a huge selection to suit all animals, we have the largest vairety in the area and are the cheapest in the area. All the staff at K&G's farm shop are huge animal lovers and have a very good knowlege about animal feeds.

We also have a huge selection of wild bird feed.



We have a selection for our smaller fury babies.

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Chicken layers pellets 20kg @ £9.95 and mix corn 20kg @ £8.95


K&G's sell an excellent selection of all different feeds for all different types of birds.

A 20 kilo bag of supreme wild bird feed is only £9.95


Attracting birds to your garden is easy: supplement naturally available food with bird food, and watch them flock in! Remember to keep feeders and tables clean, so the birds stay healthy and disease-free, and position your feeders in a relatively open area away from predators - the birds will feel safer and visit more! 


Our own branded dog and cat food K&G's Supreme is so popular due to its 100% natural  ingredients made with freshly prepared, highly digestible protein sources and sweet potato for complex carbohydrates, our Grain Free range is perfect for dogs suffering from food sensitivities or digestive issues.

 Our food uses sweet potato as a high-quality nutritional replacement to grain.

we have a wide range of different healthy flavours which is brilliant for those doggies that get bored very quickly. We have had real fussy pets that have loved our food.

100% recommend.


Chicken, sweet potato and herbs.

Lamb, sweet potato and mint.

Turkey, sweet potato 

 and cranberry .

Duck, sweet potato   and   orange. 

Salmon, trout, sweet potato

and   asparagus

Tuna, Salmon, Sweet potato   and Broccoli .

Haddock, Sweet potato   

and parsley.

Venison, Sweet potato and mulberry.

Angus   beef, sweet potato

and   carrot.

100% Natural Ingredients That Are Easy On Your Dogs Tummy

Pork, sweet   potato  and   apple.

  • K&G's Supreme is 100% natural

  • High meat content 

  • UK sourced meat only

  • hypo-allergenic

  • No added grain

  • Added omega 3 supplement

  • Vet approved

  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin to ensure joints and bones are maintained in the best condition 

  • No artificial colours, flavours or any preservatives


K&G's Supreme now have an amazing new food with itch eze. If you have a dog that has skin irritations or constantly itching please try this food before spending 100's at the vets. this has 100% positive feedback. This food is outstanding and have helped plenty of our customers.

A natural formulation for dogs containing a unique blend of herbs to help assist with areas of itching and scratching.

Digestive Health
Contains beet pulp - a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre which are important for maintaining normal intestinal transit time and motility.


K&G's Supreme

Skin & Coat
Contains Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin & shiny coat.

45% Total Fish
Responsibly sourced and highly digestible protein sources.

Doggie Ice cream 

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This specially formulated nutritious dog 'ice cream' is a fun, fruity iced treat that is a great way to reward good behaviour and build a strong bond with your dog.

Designed to help your dog to stay cool and refreshed on hot days. Dogs don't cool down the way humans do - they pant to help their body temperature cool down and therefore by licking something cold, this will notably help speed up the process. It is particularly refreshing after a walk or exercise or simply as pure indulgence.

This iced treat includes the goodness of real fruits.We have 3 flavours Strawberry and AppleBanana, Apple & Carrot and Honey & Banana  and is completely free from dairy-based ingredients. It includes nutrient-dense superfoods such as coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and aloe vera gel, to support your dog's overall health and vitality.

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